Friday, October 31, 2008

OHS Shelter Dog of the Week

My shelter dog of the week is Maggie (#15165), an 8 year old Rotty with the sweetest little smile.

Here is Maggie's bio: Maggie is a sweet and loving lass who is sure to win your heart. She is an older girl who belongs at home, snoozing at your feet, instead of in a kennel here at the shelter. She is sensitive and a little shy, so she will need some time to adjust to her new situation. She also does not like being overhandled, so a quiet home with children over 10 will be necessary. Maggie has some problems with her rear legs, and can go only for limited walks. She is happiest napping on a big soft bed, and at her age, what more can you expect? Maggie's not asking much, just that you love her and make the rest of her life comfortable and secure. Included in Maggie's adoption is a consultation with our vet staff to discuss Maggie's legs.

Help me find Maggie a home!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Support the pets of the Iraq War

Today I received an email from Care2 about the pets soldiers adopt while on assignment in Iraq. Please visit the link below to sign a petition to save these pets. Here is the email:

Army Spc. Gwen Beberg rescued a homeless puppy from a burning pile of trash while on active duty in Iraq last May, and named her new friend Ratchet. She says she couldn't have made it through her 13-month deployment without Ratchet. But Ratchet needed to be rescued a second time - this time from the United States military.

Please tell the military to let soldiers keep their pets»

The U.S. military has a set of regulations called General Order 1A (GO-1A), which prohibits conduct that compromises character and morale. Yet GO-1A includes a strict prohibition on soldiers keeping pets, even though soldiers' pets provide immeasurable comfort and clearly would enhance, not compromise, morale.

Because of these regulations, the military has a policy of confiscating and killing animals rescued by our troops in Iraq, rather than allowing those who have sacrificed so much to adopt and take home the animals that have seen them through the horrors of war.

Our troops and their pets should not suffer any more - urge the military to rescind GO-1A's prohibition on keeping pets»

Ratchet was lucky. Tens of thousands of citizens like you signed a petition urging clemency for him, and after several tries the wonderful people at the SPCA International's Operation Baghdad Pups were able to secure his release and fly him back to Minnesota so that he would be waiting for Spc. Beberg when she arrives home.

But many cats and dogs, and the brave service men and women who have rescued them, still need our help. Every one of us, no matter what our opinion of the current war is, can support our troops by asking the Department of Defense to immediately end their policy of confiscating and killing soldiers' rescued pets.

Please stand up for all of the other Ratchets still in Iraq:

Rebecca Young,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pets Jubilee goes on sale soon!

Here are a few more featured artists from the Month of November Pets Jubilee Box.

Posh Puppies makes cute doggie bandanas and dresses and I love this plush bone.

Blennox makes lots of fun and funky things like buttons, magnets and earrings. And it's not all dog related either, in case your not a Dog fan (but who isn't?). I think this Dala pin is great for Christmas.

All About Yoshi makes the CUTEST little hair bows for dogs. They'd look pretty silly in my Ernie's fur (he's 90lbs!) but they would sure be cute in a little bitty dog. If you purchase a bow from Yoshi you will be amazed at how small these bows are.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pets Jubilee goes on sale soon!

Three Red Trees has joined Pets Jubilee for the month of November. Here are two items from her shop.

Yay- The icky hedge is gone!

I just have to show you the BEFORE

and the AFTER

Ta Da!

Friday, October 24, 2008

OHS Shelter Dog of the Week

This week's Shelter dog is Spencer. He's been at OHS since April. Help me find him a new home! Here is his bio:

Are you looking for a pair of older dogs with good manners and loving personalities? Check out Shadow and Spencer! Spencer is a 10-year-old shepherd/chow mix who is closely bonded with his mom Shadow (#65077). He's looking for a home that will give him time and space to play and go for walks but will also keep him in out of the rain; he doesn't like getting his paddy paws wet. He has a history of living with cats and children but would need a slow introduction to cats and older, respectful children to be successful in his new home. A pet meet is required if you have other dogs. Spencer is a favorite around here, and we hope you will love him and Shadow as much as we do.

Here is his mom, Shadow, and her Bio:

Shadow is a quiet older lady looking for a forever home she can share with her son Spencer (#65076). She's a chow mix who is laid back, and will need a quiet home where her new owners will take her for walks (but not in the rain, she doesn't like getting her feet wet) and give her lots of love. She knows how to sit and shake and has a history of living with cats, but would need a slow introduction as she has been known to chase cats that aren't a part of her family. She will also need to meet any dogs you already have before going home with them, and would prefer a home with older children. Shadow is a lovely girl who deserves a warm bed and loving home for her and her son.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kazzalblue booties

I was looking on Etsy for a birthday gift for my cousin's 1st birthday when I came across Kazzalblue. She makes and sells the cutest little booties! And the prices are very reasonable, too - an easy sell for me. I bought a pair for my cousin and, I couldn't resist, a pair for Ada too. Here she is in her new booties! They are a little big but SO cute!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pets Jubilee goes on sale soon!

The first Pets Jubilee box goes on sale in just 9 days so I thought I'd feature some of the November contributors on my blog.
LindenTreePhotographs is one of my favorites and she is located just north of me in good 'ol Vancouver. She sells her wares on places like Etsy and Saturday Market in Portland, OR. She'll be at the famous Sat. Market for the Holiday season so stop by and say hi.

I've started a Flickr account

Oh, yay for me. More things to do. I was doing Twitter but I don't like it so I'm switching to Flickr. I think I'll like it better. Here is my photostream:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ada's First Crabbing Trip

We took Ada on her first crabbing trip this weekend to Nehalem Bay on the Oregon Coast. The weather was beautiful on Saturday but the wind was really cold so we bundled Ada up really good. Lauren and Frank caught LOTS of crab Ada had lots of fun
Thank goodness we're home now because it's POURING rain outside!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Win A Monkey: 2008 OrnaMonkey contest

OrnaMonkeys are monkey ornaments made from felt to resemble real species of monkeys. One monkey is released each month. Each species is chosen for its charismatic face, interesting social habits or other oddities which make the species unique among primates. Each monkey is collectible and comes with a dated bio-blurb about the species and its conservation status. The felt is eco-spun felt that is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

The Monkey of the Month Club gives people a different OrnaMonkey each month for a year. Membership spaces become available in November and are offered at a discount. Each member who signs up before December 31 will receive twelve 2009 OrnaMonkeys for only $99 plus S&H ($168 if purchased individually), a savings of more than 40%. Species to be included are: lemurs, macaques, marmosets, langurs, tamarins, titi monkeys and more. The shipping and handling fee covers the cost of shipping all 12 monkeys ($2 per monkey).

The OrnaMonkeys are a fun way to learn more about the beautiful diversity of primates from a real primatologist - me! In 2007 I earned a PhD in evolutionary psychology. My research focused on mutual grooming among primates and I've taught classes in comparative primate behavior at various universities in the U.S. I love teaching people about primates and these little guys allow me to reach an audience outside of a university setting.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Featured Artist of the Day

aral33photography is my Featured Artist. I found this artist via an Etsy treasury (I think) and fell in love with these photos. Here are my favorites:


and because it's so funny (it's called "war and peeps")!

Christmas has arrived at Funny Ernie

I finished two new Christmas cards for Funny Ernie. The first one is called Watching For Santa.

The second one is called Waiting for Christmas.

Both can now be purchase at my Etsy store.

Stupid AdWords

So, I used to have a really cute Blog under petsjubilee.blogspot but I wanted to cancel AdWords so I had to cancel everything! I am so unbelievably mad right now. Great help section Google - NOT!