Friday, October 31, 2008

OHS Shelter Dog of the Week

My shelter dog of the week is Maggie (#15165), an 8 year old Rotty with the sweetest little smile.

Here is Maggie's bio: Maggie is a sweet and loving lass who is sure to win your heart. She is an older girl who belongs at home, snoozing at your feet, instead of in a kennel here at the shelter. She is sensitive and a little shy, so she will need some time to adjust to her new situation. She also does not like being overhandled, so a quiet home with children over 10 will be necessary. Maggie has some problems with her rear legs, and can go only for limited walks. She is happiest napping on a big soft bed, and at her age, what more can you expect? Maggie's not asking much, just that you love her and make the rest of her life comfortable and secure. Included in Maggie's adoption is a consultation with our vet staff to discuss Maggie's legs.

Help me find Maggie a home!


  1. You should post pictures of your pumpkins so we can see them!

    Your new blog looks really good!

  2. I hope she finds a lovely forever home soon.

  3. I hope you find Maggie a wonderful home! Good work!
    -10oneworld on etsy

  4. What a happy mug! I can't imagine not having my Marzipan!