Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Etsy Woes

Etsy is a great site for artisans, however, my Etsy experience has been a bit lack-luster as of late. I've had great sales but sellers and buyers have been a bit withholding in their abilities to effectively and professionaly communicate their thoughts, needs and desires. Even Etsy Admin has been lacking in their ability to effectivly communicate with their patrons.

Is Etsy getting too big for their own shoes? I'm beginning to wonder so.

I am seriously considering leaving the Etsy world for new adventures. There are many a great artisan sites available now - Etsy has some exciting competition. Granted, these sites are still up and coming and do not have the traffic flow that Etsy has, however, this could be a good thing. Etsy has a large traffic flow but with that comes the issues I touched on above (without going into detail).

These issues, I believe, are not just with Etsians but a large problem with the world as a whole. With the advent of the Internet we seem to have lost touch with our personable side. Now that we can express our thoughts without repercussion we go on ahead and say what we please without thought or consideration as to how one may be perceived, how one's words may affect others and how one's emotions play across the lines of the internet.

We are all one in this world, struggling along the same as the next. Regardless of what method of communication you choose to use don't you think you should still treat others as you would wish to be treated? This philosophy seems to have gone out the window (or computer screen in this matter).

Are you feeling the Etsy grudge, too? Check out these alternative Etsy sites and feel the love!


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  1. Great post! I believe that both common courtesy and common sense have gone by the wayside and are no longer common occurances.

    I've looked at my Etsy so seldom lately, due to a lack of sales, that I wouldn't even know. I may have to check out those new ones. Thanks for letting us know about them!