Friday, January 2, 2009

I Heart You!

I've gotten a chance to work on some new Holiday items and here are the few I've completed so far.

For this holiday's cards I've chosen to work with fabric. The completed artworks so far use the actual fabric after it's been starched and glued onto the paper. The other method I'm trying out is using BloPens over lace to create an image. I've had these BloPens for years so I am so glad to be able to use them now.

The first one I call "You're in my Heart". I think he's so cute! I've done these as ACEO's so far with a Chocolate Lab and a Yellow Lab. I'll be printing these for traditional Valentine's soon. You can see the listing here for the Red Heart and the Floral Heart.

This one I call "Smooches". I love how in-your-face he is. He was done with starched fabric and acylic paint. He's just an ACEO right now but he will soon be a traditional Valentine as well.