Thursday, January 22, 2009

My newest books.....

I was feeling burned out from the internet yesterday so instead I was productive! Imagine that!

I made three books using a different technique than the last book. This technique is much faster and I like the way these turned out. They are awful cute I think.

Each book uses pages from a 2005 Children's Book calendar.

The first book has a wrap around cover and a tab closure on the back. The cover is made from Martha Stewart peach cardstock. There is a picture on the front from the book A Baby Sister for Francis. On the inside I made a "second" cover from the calendar page of A Baby Sister for Francis. The text pages are made from standard copy paper - white and smooth. To see the listing and more pictures click here.

The second book is a simple little folded book with Good Night Moon for the cover. The text pages are made from resume paper so it has a little bit of grit to it. I used blue embroidery thread to sew this one up. Click here to see the listing and more pics.

The third book I did a little differently. I used the calendar page from the book Fireboat - isn't it a pretty cover? The text pages are made with the resume paper and I sewed up the spine with two colors of embroidery thread and then knotted them together to wrap around the book. The ends are secured closed with a vintage orange button. I had leftover paper from the cover and it's so pretty that I couldn't just throw it out so I made a matching matchbook to go with it. Click here to see more pics and the listing.

I had fun making these and I will surely make some more. I still have several pages left from that cute calendar.


  1. They turned out great Amy! I love the covers you picked. Isn't book making fun?

  2. I love them! What do you think of 1000 Markets?