Friday, January 9, 2009

Random question of the day

Here is your Random Question of the Day......

What is your favorite brand of pen? I mean, like a writing pen, or any pen I guess. I have a fetish for school supplies and was thinking about how I wished I had more of my favorite pens around and tha I should treat myself to some new ones.

My favorite brand is by PaperMate. Those really simple blue or black ink 'el cheapo pens. I love those.


  1. They're kinda spendy (for a pen) but I've never found one that I like better. The Tornado! I got a blue one years ago at The Paper Zone and several pen cartridge refills later I still have it and love it as much as the day I first got it. And remarkably, I haven't lost it yet.

    (The cheapo paper mates would be my second choice. I love how the ink scratches when you're sketching with one.)

  2. But this is the official website:

  3. You and my husband both. I will write with anything as long as it's not a gel pen (his favorite). :o)