Sunday, November 23, 2008

My first Craft Fair......

was a total bust! But, I had fun and I can now say I'm addicted to craft fairing, though I am in the hole 25 buckeroos. I have my second fair next month at an actual art center so maybe it will go better. My craft fair neighbor and I decided that our work was far to artsy and talented for the shoppers at our fair. We did, after all, sit at a craft fair in a town the size of my pinky. That's what ya' get. Here is a picture of my table. I thought it turned out pretty good.

Little Ada got to hang out the entire day with Daddy. They came to visit me and boost my ego for a while. She was such a good girl for Daddy. I was so proud! Daddy, however, has been banned from choosing Ada's outfits. She came out in public with a navy blue dress and brown and pink flowered pants. Ugh! I said, "oh, Daddy! What is she wearing! This will not do." And I promptly went out to the car to change her (and feed her). She will soon be dressing herself in these hideous outfits and so I am taking charge at this time in her life when I can make sure her outfits match!

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